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Just a few of our friends and clients...

           Chloe n Molly


Chloe is a rescue pit bull from La Quinta, California with her BFF and my trusted assistant Molly.

           Simone and Kira

Kira is an Alaskan Husky from Carlsbad, CA.

           Lucy aka Baby Monster

Baby Monster is a rescue pibble from Indio, CA.

           Zuley and Michelle


Zuley is a Shepard/Husky mix from Marina Del Rey, CA.



Adison is a two year ols Great Dane from Culver City.



Bentley is a one year old lab mix from Indio.



Coyote is  9 month husky from The Palisades.



Radar is a three year old retired racing greyhound from Culver City.



Cairo is a two year ols pibble from Los Angeles.



Cooper is a six month old Boxer from Playa Vista.

           Winnie ( the Poo )


Winnie is an eight year old Labrador Retriever.

           Tobie and Coco


Tobie and Coco are two year old Pomeranians from Camarillo.



Scout is a six month old Cream Golden Retriever from Oxnard.

           Goldens !


Jasmine, Molly, Sister, Molly2 and Hunter.

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